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I have been writing on Facebook and Pattaya addicts to share my knowledge to help people from getting scammed or losing their business. Many people have messaged me for help and I am looking to start to get a reward back for my efforts, after all I am adding value to your business.

Here are my posts so far, I do them when I have an idea so they arent too frequent.


  • 7 October 2017 : Building a rock solid future in Thailand (No Comments)
    Kind of related to my Total Immersion thread (well worth a read) I have lived here over 10 years and I see guys come and go all the time.  The guys that [More...]

  • 7 September 2017 : Teamwork (No Comments)
    A guy critised me for doing too many businesses at once and overstretching myself, yet they have never spent a day with me. They do not know what resources I [More...]

  • 7 September 2017 : A list of reasons why I try not to listen to most people (No Comments)
    A list of reasons why I try not to listen to most people  Do not move to Thailand, you will fail Don't go to Thailand with little money Don't waste [More...]

  • 7 September 2017 : Mosquitoes, heat, heavy traffic and bad schools (No Comments)
    Mosquitoes, heat, heavy traffic and bad schooling is what puts me off living in Pattaya, Thailand, but I have cracked all those issues, sort of. Mosquitoes - I now have an [More...]

  • 29 June 2017 : Re-calibrating (No Comments)
    Re-calibrating The last 2 months of my life here have probably been the worst since I arrived around 10 years ago, from guys cheating me, making business problems, staff problems, problems [More...]

  • 21 June 2017 : Starting out again in Pattaya with no job or money. (4 Comments)
    A guy asked me what I would do if I woke up with no money and no business in Pattaya. Here is one idea of many things I would try. I [More...]

  • 5 June 2017 : Playing To Your Strengths – being accountable (No Comments)
    I think one of the best gifts a business guy can get is self awareness, in-fact I think that's a big secret to highly successful people, a lot of people [More...]

  • 24 May 2017 : Living in Pattaya long term. (No Comments)
    If you want to live in Thailand forever. The only way to do it is build a business and a brand. Short term insecurity means long term security. If your business [More...]

  • 23 May 2017 : Finding good staff in Pattaya. (No Comments)
    Most business owners struggle to get good staff in Pattaya. Finding skilled workers is tough. Finding one reliable and punctual is almost in possible in Pattaya. Finding both is like [More...]

  • 15 May 2017 : Taking my kid out of school at 13. (No Comments)
    I had an idea today.  My plan was to travel the world when my kid was 16 years old with him left behind doing his college. But now I am [More...]

  • 14 May 2017 : Mentoring (No Comments)
    I feel like I am stating the obvious here but I see so many newbie guys starting up business with little or no advice or worst of all listening to [More...]

  • 13 May 2017 : Writing my first book about Making Money In Thailand (No Comments)
    I have done the contents page, please leave a comment if you see anything that needs adding.  (they are not in order) I am aiming for 90,000 words approx, so its [More...]

  • 13 May 2017 : Investing In Thailand (No Comments)
      Over the last 3-4 years a lot of people have contacted me about investing in me or whatever I am doing. I have said no almost all the time. This [More...]

  • 20 April 2017 : Haters (No Comments)
    This is a constant subject for people "high profile" or people that are very successful or get alot of attention. I will give an example of a few things haters do. [More...]

  • 20 April 2017 : Moving to Thailand with only 1 million baht and making a go of it. (6 Comments)
    First to prevent any confusion, I am assuming most people cannot get jobs here so you need to create your own job,  in other words you need to buy a [More...]

  • 19 April 2017 : Married 6 years today (5 Comments)
    I met my wife 9 years and 4 months ago.  We got married 6 years ago today (we had the celebration event this day - but went to register it [More...]

  • 19 April 2017 : 11 tips incase you are set up (No Comments)
    I'm going to get blasted again for this but I am going to say it anyway because I like helping people. Here are 11 tips incase you face bib (po) and [More...]

  • 19 April 2017 : Fifteen mistakes I see with newbies moving to Pattaya (2 Comments)
    Fifteen mistakes I often see with guys moving to Thailand to live. 1. Paying their girlfriend a salary to stay with them wtf 2. Choosing the wrong girl 3. Investing too fast 4. Overpaying 5. [More...]

  • 11 April 2017 : How not to lose all your money on your first business in Thailand. (No Comments)
    I recently wrote about how to prepare before buying a bar,  I have wrote other stuff about investing/buying also. Most of what I am about to write applies to most countries [More...]

  • 6 April 2017 : Preparing to buy a bar or small business in Pattaya (1 Comment)
    Preparing to buy a bar or small business in Pattaya and having a better chance of success. Not all of them are mandatory but it will give you your best [More...]