I can coach people to help them become more successful and high performance. I have used my own techniques and practiced them myself. I have proven strategies to mentor and coach people to make tweaks to their daily habits, goal setting and I can help with accountability.  Many people that are friends with me get alot of energy, better work ethics and motivation from me, I can use this to transform people. I can help people turn small daily tasks into habits, which then compounds into goals.

I often think about coaching people to become successful, to improve their mindsets, to get out of a rut, to get them to think big, to aim higher and to achieve their goals. Most people have accepted their situation and have been conditioned to accept it, I understand this concept, if you are in a bad situation and you don’t accept it, you will be unhappy for life.  I see many people in the rat race when I visit England and it hurts to see it because it’s not normal for me to see.  People are often broke without knowing it, they often do not know that there is a way out and that they have a lot of untapped potential, I believe everyone has something good to offer.

(I have started another page about coaching with includes financial independence and the specifics of what I can teach )

If people are happy, then I leave them alone, if people want to unlock their potential and awaken themselves which I did in around 2006 at a Tony Robbins seminar, after that I have been into self-development books, business, and recently investing and trading. I have gone from the bottom of the ladder up into securing my freedom, so I don’t sell my time anymore and I don’t have any work commitments, although I still have responsibilities to oversee the business and teams.

My next goal is financial freedom (abundance level – I am technically financially free already, which should be by 2024 latest but I will achieve it in the next few years. The goal after that is purely financial to give myself the cashflow to travel the world and support charities. I may start my youtube channel or do a course to pass on some wisdom,  but for now my best knowledge is helping people change their habits, mindsets, life, goals, wants etc,  because I have followed self-help since 2006, with endless daily videos to remind me,  its like a daily drug that I need for motivation, inspiration and improved mindset, checkout Evan Carmichael on Youtube for example.

My favourite high-performance coach is Dan Pena, I will see him at his castle in the next few years, I love the tough love, honesty, non-pc, motivation and the accountability he provides.  You can download his famous QLA on his website and look at some of his videos here.

I often dream of doing one on one intensive training courses or a video course, but I need to get my act together, get it finished, get some feedback and see if I can turn a few people from zombies into superstars.  There are a lot of people with untapped potential but have been conditioned to sit still and not complain. I was one of them.

At some point I will promote myself as a coach, do some video courses but I am torn between high-performance coaching or helping people that are stuck in a rut, I am often shocked how people think too small or limit their beliefs,  this is why we are an average of the people we hang around with, show me your friends and I will show you your future, that another advantage of having a coach and mentor is you are making sure you have access to someone with the right mindset, because some people are trapped around old friends or colleagues that are following the system.