My Mentors

Patrick Bet David – delivers pure value using all his knowledge from reading books, I watch most of his videos.

Evan Carmichael – I love his daily motivational videos,  its like a shot in the arm daily to give me undying energy

Gary Vee – I don’t listen to Gary Vee as much as I should, but if you are just starting out, you should follow my path and spend a few years catching up on his videos,  he does repeat himself a lot, like the others, but everyone has their own message to get out and its not rocket science – stop watching his videos and do some work he says.

Dan Lok –  I like some of Dans sales stuff, most of the things he teaches I have heard already, but I love the execution of his content and how it’s done. It just feels like he’s there as a reminder daily to push myself more.

Dan Pena –  Dan is an interesting guy, he’s aggressive, brutal, rude and all the things that scares away the snowflakes, he doesn’t have much of a following for this reason, hes targetting high-performance people aiming to make 100m USD+   he doesn’t mess around and I plan to go to his hardcore castle soon. I watch all of his seminar clips posted as they are done, makes me feel like I am there.

I watch some other guys that do real estate, I am not sure why because I don’t plan to do it, but I love seeing people make money and I love absorbing that mindset and there is alot of crossover with investing in companies.

I follow lots of traders/investors also,  but nothing like I do with these guys.