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I am Bryan Flowers, I’m from the United Kingdom and I have been living in Thailand for over 12 years. 

I started earning a living 13-14 years ago doing internet marketing, website design, SEO and created a large local forum which now has over 120,000 members, which gave me good skills at community management, conflict resolution and management. Later on, I have led/grown a small business in Thailand from one location to a medium sized business with over 500+ staff and 26 locations, as well as investing in the financial markets, local property, (regret that now) trading different asset classes (position trading right now) and I study extensively everyday. I have over 556 books I am going through which are related to business, self-development, psychology, branding, marketing, investing and mostly successful mindset books. I have found a lot of them are covering the same stuff with different stories. I mostly use youtube to learn daily, I have no hobbies but business, learning and investing.

With all this “financial success” as well as having a balanced fitness, family and healthy life.  I have attracted many life and business coaches trying to get credit for what I have achieved.  My personal and financial goals are ongoing and I put my life and sole into self development, learning and personal growth.  

I am 100% confident I can teach people to improve their lives, improve their mindset, create high performance habits to become financially independent within 3-6 years. But it takes alot of work to get it done that fast, but I have all the knowledge. I want to teach people to become high net worth individuals see here for more information I will create some sort of course to help people achieve lofty goals and maybe offer some one on one coaching.

All of these coaches are often cold calling or using “friends” to try to get me as a customer.  I have had many so called mentors offer their services without them having any businesses behind them or anything high level. (we all have different views on levels though)

The problem for them is that the people who need them are the people with no money and at the bottom. But the people just starting out are unaware that they need to learn some self-development,  therefore won’t pay. Granted there are consultants higher up but I still don’t believe we need them in this day and age.  This is why they target people that they know are successful and have the cash flow to pay for these services, the problem for me is that my Thailand business is very niche and specific, I already have short, medium and long term plans and they are dynamic. However some people don’t have the time for specific information,  so its often useful to have someone to call and ask.  I get many business owners asking me for advice with staff because its something I am experienced with, quite often you have to think out of the box and turn things around,  I am good at problem solving and managing people.

My problems are very specific and only I can sort them out,  almost no one has an answer for me, but that is what being a leader is about. Most of my problems just need some psychology to sort out, risk taking and deep understanding of people.

My coaches, mentors are people that are content creators online, they are free, they are there when I need them,  and I do not use their valuable time.

I have tried to get a few business friends to advice me, but they are all on different paths with different risk appetites,  I like to move in the fast lane and take a few more risks than most.  Only I can truly calculate that risk, dehumanise the process and take the anxiety out of it by having a good plan and backup plan.

I am not going to bash any specific business/life coaches because some people may need them,  some people will be able to add value in specific areas. If you are busy and you need instant answers, then maybe its for you.

Our Cars in Thailand

I have done this website to say that you can use the same free resources as I do and you will never need to pay for a business coach, financial coach, life coach or for a course again.

To get you started on the path of success, here are some of my favourite free business mentors, (I will not add the crypto/financial specific ones. I share links of videos/resources that I have studied on my facebook page

Then you must start consuming books,  I have listed some further down.

Patrick Bet David

Gary Vee

Grant Cardone

Dan Lok

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Here are 100 books to get you started,  the average American reads 1 book a year, you need to read 1 a week or more.  All the billionaires seem to read a few books a week.  This really is the best thing in the world anyone can do.

Tom Corley interviewed 233 self-made millionaires and found that 88% of them read educational, self-development books at least 30 minutes per day.  I fall asleep reading, so I use audiobooks namely around 2-3 hours per day.

Why do people use business/life coaches?  These coaches read 100’s of books and become good at knowing a lot of useful stuff, people pay them because they are promised/offered solutions, it can be convenient,  but lets say that they are good at delivering you information,  you will need them for life, if you are unable to absorb/learn all the content for yourself, then you need to question how successful you will really be. Also, rarely do they have any real business or experience.

Dan Pena QLA Seminar
dan pena obstacles

I could easily help someone do a financial plan, change their mindset, point them in the right direction, help them with life advice, business advice, sort out growth problems. especially psychology challenges managing staff, but I am 36 years old and I think that sort of stuff should come when I have more experience and more numbers in my bank.  It’s all good knowing the theory, but I think coaches should have real experiences with successful businesses. I made this website, so I can tell life/business coaches that I am one! But all I am doing is being honest and giving you guys the keys to success if that’s what you require, I am writing my own book and course and I would love to coach people because I love helping people, but am I qualified?  how much do I charge?  what can I offer that the books cannot?  (maybe I can help people specifically with managing large amounts of staff?)  As you can see,  most of my website talks you out of needing a coach,  but this honesty has always got me to great places. If someone wants me to coach them in life or business, I will send them a few books first to see if they are dedicated.  The last thing I need is someone that isn’t ready to commit. BUT you don’t really need a coach unless you are too lazy to read the books and watch the youtube channels. (or you are too busy to)

When someone with money problems asks me for help, its usually poor spending, lack of will, bad habits, no daily habits that move them towards their goals, depression, not having enough motivation, blame on others is a big one and most often they do not want anything. (blame is a common trait of losers or people in a rut)

This is why a lot of adverts have pictures of lambos,  show them they are limited by their beliefs and sell them a dream or idea of wanting a lamborghini is possible, try to install a successful mindset, motivation and  then sell them the path to get there. There are books or content from Tony robbins that can be a catalyst to get people out of a rut.

Here are some of the books that I have read, I will update this list as i get through the 556 books that are queued on my phone. Some of them I have read just to help staff overcome problems. Most of the books are self-development, financial, success related and business related. These subjects are my hobbies. I brought all these books on audible and I multitask while I listen to them, for example, while I am driving, swimming or walking around the house.

Unstoppable  Confidence – Kent Sayre
Make your kid a money genius – Beth Kobliner
The Thank You Economy – Gary Vee
Cryptoassets: Chris Burniske
How to get and stay motivated – Grant Cardone
How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie
The 17 indisputable laws of teamwork – John Maxwell
The millionaire booklet – Grant Cardone
Principles of likability – Patrick King
33 Strategies of war – Robert Greene
The power of positive leadership – Jon Gordon
Public speaking for success – Dale Carnegie
Rule #1 The Simple Strategy for Investing – Phil Town
The ultimate public speaking survival guide
Barking up the wrong tree – Eric Barker
Minimalism – Ryan Nicodemus
The new tycoons – Jason Kelly
Getting things done – David Allen
The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch
Reminiscences of a stockbroker by Edwin Lefevre
Assertiveness by Judy Murphy
Today Matters – John Maxwell
Stock market investing for beginners – Steven Casey
Million dollar habits – Brian Tracy
The snowball warren buffet and the business of life
F.U. Money by Dan Lok
You need a budget by Jesse Mecham
The big secret for the small investor by Joel Greenblatt
Trading in the zone by Mark Doulas
48 Laws of power by Robert Greene
The dark Triad Strategies
Exactly what to say – Phil Jones
The internet of money – Andreas Antonopoulos
The 10x rule by Grant Cardone
Crushing it! Gary Vee
The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson
Crush It by Gary Vee
Unshakable by Tony Robbins
Principles by Ray Dalio
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
The new Buffettology by Mary Buffett
The coaching habit – Say less, ask more by Daniel Mate
37 ways to boost your coaching practice by Steve Chandler
The Four Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss
First Things First – Stephen Covey
High-Performance Habits –  Brendon Burchard
The Growth Mindset – Carol Dweck
How to write a book that doesn’t suck – Michael Rogan
Emotional Branding – Marc Gobe
The Minimalist Budget – Aaron Kiely
The Daily Trading Coach – Brett Steenbarger
Master the Brand Called You – Brenda Bence
Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 – John C Maxwell
The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco
Jack Canfield – Success Principles