My Longevity Advice – 13 tips/rules I have learned


I quit drinking at the age of 33 when I had heart issues, I was a binge drinker around 2-3 times a week, the issues were unrelated to alcohol, but I always blamed myself because I felt with a good diet, maybe my body would have fought off this problem.  I spent many years doing everything I could to survive and fix my issues.

For many years I had related issues, then 2019 I ended up having heart surgery to fix my issues, but then I have a cirrhotic liver caused by the heart issues. I wont bore people with the details.

I am often giving advice to people overindulging.  I don’t drink alcohol at all, I exercise 5 times a week, and I only drink caffeine that is in tea. I don’t smoke and I don’t consume any cannabis products at all.

Why?  Because I cannot moderate things, I have to promise myself I will never ever indulge, which works for me.  Making that promise to myself and my family keeps me 100%, I wasn’t an alcoholic but I tend to go all out on things when I do them. So being a good dad is more important.

1. Supplements are more work for your organs and they have preservatives. The best advice is to drop them all,  with exceptions.  I take Omega oil because I don’t get enough fish, and I take 1000mg of cherry extract every day to prevent gout (the alternative is allopurinol)

2. I go to sizzlers (unlimited salad bar in Thailand) 3 times a week and get at least 5 different colours of salad/veg.

3. Make sure you always sleep 7-8 hours.

4. Get yearly medical tests including, heart and blood tests more often to check for deficiencies.

If you take annual screening tests, you can find cancer early and possibly avoid all the shit I keep seeing people go through. Most people find cancer too late and they can’t fix it.

5. Regular stretching is important for blood flow, prevent injuries, knots and health. And try to see a physiotherapist occasionally, they will find knots to break down, which prevents injuries. They can also fix bad posture.

6. Natural probiotics should fix stomach acid issues.  If not you need to take an antiacid which is bad long-term because they stop your body from absorbing minerals, calcium etc.  I know guys that didn’t fix this issue and they died from throat cancer.

7. Then at least 15 minutes of cardio daily. Need to get out of breath daily. You don’t have to run or do fast sports. You can go on a steeper incline on a machine to get your heart rate up.

8. Men should orgasm often to help prevent prostate cancer, and eat enough fibre to help prevent colon cancer.

9. Visit doctors/hospitals fast and stamp out any problems early, I am not ashamed to see the doctor, it really helps things getting out of control, at the same time, I take the minimum medicine needed and I am always trying to reduce them or come off them. Right now I am on antiacids a little but I am fixing it.

10. Don’t smoke at all, drinking alcohol isn’t so bad. But smoking is far far worst.

11.  Regular fasting, 1 day a week or 3 days a month or 7 days every 3 months, do your own research, seek advice, especially if you are on medicine. There are lots of arguments for and against this and many types of fasts, do what your body responds well to.  Sometimes I just have 1 meal a day, but I have done 11-14 day fasts.

12.  Try to be aware of stress, learn to deal with it or cut it out.

13. Keeping busy keeps us out of trouble and gives us something to live for.

14. See the dentist regularly not just cosmetic, other health issues have been linked

15. After I wrote this article, I slipped down our marble stairs and broke part of my hand, so I brought adhesive non-slip tape to save an early death from cracking my head.

You can turn back the clock with many of these points, live longer and give more actions to your children and grandchildren.

Everything is bad if its excessive.