Search Engine Optimisation – 2008-2013  I still do SEO for my own projects, I keep slightly up to date, but I am still at an advanced level and will use it for my own websites only.   (Past)

My Future is trading, business, personal branding and long term investing.  Eventually, I hope to have my own financial, mindset, motivation youtube channel to helps others and myself, but I want to keep learning and prove myself. I am learning/trading/investing daily, so I can reach my lofty financial goals quickly, then I am able to work towards my vision

Investing –  I have only been in the financial markets for around 2 years, but I am learning alot, following the markets and the businesses that I am invested in.

Trading Crypto/Stocks – I have only been trading with professional help around 1.5 years, I have done 6 courses, one of them is 42 weeks long. I am doing long term trades, whilst locking in profits in my investment portfolio.

Branding, Marketing, Internet Marketing, Managing Staff, Recruitment, Leading a business –  I have proven myself with the growth of various businesses which all continue to grow, improve and evolve. All of these areas is ongoing learning and practise for me, I love it and I will keep learning. I also practise with the fast growth of our news portal. I feel that after many years of learning all these skills, practising them with lots of money in many areas,  I have become very good at all of them.