How To Grow Your Organic Traffic

grow your traffic with seo

To Grow Your Organic Traffic

  1.  You need to develop an SEO strategy,  Use a keyword tool to identify your keywords that you want to target to drive your traffic.

  2. Create content on social media and write some blogs.  You need to post unique content frequenty, look for some seo content templates or examples.
  3. Track your competitors.  With a google/organic research tool such as

To grow your domain authority with backlinks

1. Deliver content, the link building tool recommends where you should be showing up. Backlinks analysis tool.

2. Reach out and network: Ask sites to link to you and track with your backlinks analytics tool

3. Find broken links and take advantage,   monitor competitors broken links with a site audit tool and take their place.

Growing Your Social Media Presence.

1. Post content regularly: plan weeks ahead

2. Track performance analytics,  you can use social media tools or get alerts or check manually.

3.  Page for creative ads and use a social media tracker to see how they are going

Finally. Use an advert spy tool to spy on on your competitors adverts