Our current projects

Rage Fight Academy and Resort – MMA Training and Fitness. Plus Rage Fight Gear

PattayaUnplugged Media Website – part of NWG – we are looking for another content creator that’s on the ground right now.

TPN Media – The Pattaya News (Eng- Thai), Phuket Express (Eng – Thai) –  Our news websites, Facebook pages are the biggest in Pattaya in many categories and seems to be the most up-to-date Pattaya news. The Thai side has over 1m reach per month and increasing. and

My website will be where all future articles are written

My book is one of my biggest projects – this is a self-development, growth mindset book to help others out

Video Content and a course – I am hoping to sell courses to help people with success, high performance and self-development

Trading cryptocurrency and other assets – I am currently learning from 6 courses, one of which is 36 weeks – I am looking long term to get good at this. I am learning from The Rational Investor, I have become good friends with one of the owners,  I check their daily brief every single day and I am doing my best to learn to trade like a beast, but distracted by business and writing.

Value and Growth Investing – This is where I am doing long term investing and locking in profits and making myself financially free, so I can travel the world with my family

Education – I have stopped buying any more courses or seminars, and I have brought and downloaded a whopping 559 books from audible, (at great expense)  which I am listing on my site as I listen to them.  This will take a few years to finish at least, but learning for me is a daily habit, and teaching is great practise.

Old Project –

I no longer write about local business issues or my life in Pattaya, Thailand