Ten Ways To Be Instantly Happier


Ten ways to be instantly happier.

  1. Write a list of things that make us unhappy and cut them out

  2. Anxiety and depression are caused by looking forward and in the past. If you are able to live in the present, your mind will be more clear?  Keeping yourself busy is a great way of being present.

  3. Seeking pleasures does not help with happiness because we always need more pleasure each time. That’s the wrong path to prioritise. 

  4. Make time to watch some comedy because just smiling and laughing alone builds up the neural pathways again

  5. Walk and sit with a good posture, it helps with confidence and happiness.

  6. Do your best not to complain and dwell on things. (I am working on this)

  7. Always have goals,  yesterday I did one press/push up,  I will be doing one extra per day and see where it goes. I have learning, financial, investing, business goals…

  8. Avoid negative people and negative conversations

  9. Practice gratitude daily, remember the times you were less well off and you had fewer choices

  10. Remember that all the best things in life are free, it just takes a while to realise that, spending time with friends/family sharing common interests or goals is what makes us happy.

And listening to music, I like listening to Soundeo Mixtapes on Youtube with the feel-good videos as I work.

If you hear yourself saying “I will be happy when……

….I am making xxxxx per month
…..I am doing a new job
….. finished in this relationship
….. living in another country
…… I have upgraded my car or house

Then your misguided because you will always be waiting. I have reached many goals that I felt would bring me to some heaven, but new goals arrive and you end up living in misery trying to achieve your next goal.  Sometimes short term misery is worth it for long term gain, but we must respect time because we can’t buy more.