Why lone wolves are the most successful?

lone wolf

It would be ignorant to categorise people into different groups of people, but for argument’s sake, I wanted to explain why lone wolves are often much more successful than sheep.

A lone wolf is someone that prefers to be alone,  I like to go out alone most of the time, I prefer to work on my own things and I like to deal with things alone.

When I was younger I got strange looks when I said that I don’t follow football,  right now I barely watch movies, I will do it for my kids/wife sometimes, I don’t watch soaps on TV, I don’t watch spectator sports, I don’t watch politics or the news. I don’t like following crowds and I don’t like going to tourist attractions for this reason.

Doing things alone means

  • I had to learn more

  • Be stronger

  • I have way more time and flexibility to adapt and change

  • I don’t need to follow sports, or politics etc, saves a lot of time.  (i know you will get lone wolves following trends/fashions but he will likely watch/travel alone and its a lot more efficient and less time consuming

  • I am not influenced by clueless friends, we give a lot of weight to what friends tell us, but it’s very unlikely they aren’t biased and aren’t the best expert in the area they are advising you on. Outsiders can be more honest, less biased, less likely to have an agenda or blow smoke up your ass, which is very dangerous. I see people asking parents for advice on business and all sorts of matters, that’s very dangerous unless your dad is a leading expert in that area.

  • We can change our direction anytime we want,  new business, new careers, we don’t have friends alongside us.

  • We have more time being alone at home, we can learn why we travel,  choose different loan wolf friends that are comfortable meeting/working with other lone wolves.

  • Lone wolves attract lone wolves,   they are stronger and more independent, which inspires and rubs off.

  • We are not shackled by others limiting believes, dragged down by there poor life management, lack of human understanding,  poor morals or ethics.

  • I can pick and choose many different friends in different areas that are on top of their game and they are all lone wolves that need little maintenance like myself.

  • Sheep need a lot of time, help and hand-holding.  They have probably read and learned less because they like to “hang out” with other sheep.

    Not one criminal started at a high level on the first day, we are all gradually influenced into things slowly, this goes for drugs, crime and all the other “bad things”.  This is a group of friends that influences us and each other, it’s a collective force of peer pressure and thinking it’s ok if everyone else around you is doing it. It’s easy to manipulate people if you can manipulate the group around them, it’s frightening when you learn it all and you can see it in action.  Just watching rumours or comments in peoples videos on youtube is fascinating, you can really see how peoples minds are influenced in such weird ways.  But the lone wolf can be more free-thinking, stronger and more immune to group influence.  There is a crypto scam in Pattaya right now, its not even a crypto, it pretends to be one and its a pyramid scheme,  a huge group of guys are acting cult-like, trying to rope others in to save there skin, they were roped in using their greed, which made them weak.  Now they are fully committed and stay in denial about what they have lost. The influence they have all had on each other, which the professional scammers stay at the top and protected,  they went after credible/known people here, which tend to be business owners.

    The positivity that you can get from a group of friend is insane also,  the more I see we are influenced by others, the more I am frustrated and upset seeing people turning out bad when I know they could easily do much better, just one speech, one book or one conversation with someone like me and I could explain how we are influenced so easily, and it’s our job to get ourselves in front of the right influence!

I highly recommend “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion