Con-ronavirus aka Coronavirus aka the flu – my thoughts from Thailand


This flu has exposed a lot of people around me, (their lack of awareness, perhaps they aren’t strong-minded or possibly little ability to have an open mind and educate themselves) its exposed thousands of people, I have been bombarded with complete nonsense with people panicking,  it seems some people are spending the entire day spreading fear, starting Facebook groups, sharing fake videos of people dropping in Chinese looking countries. I have seen people in the airport with full white overalls on,  layers of face masks….  I wonder if these people smoke?  do they read facts? are they too sick to withstand the full? Paranoid from smoking weed? Maybe they are flat earthers?

Whilst I am grateful that Chinese stocks are having a rough time because I can buy more, I see the ridiculousness that is going on around me and around the world. I am so frustrated by it.

There are tons of deaths from many events, drugs, illnesses around the world, but the minute the new flu comes out,  the media use it to increase traffic, politicians use it to look good, business owners are forced to react and do cleanups as PR exercises.  Everyone reconfirms that there is a problem because big brands are following the lead, but they are only doing what the zombies require.

Our news team has been flat out posting about this flu problem, but in a positive way, but even all the mentions gives it some credibility, people are fascinated by things they fear or they don’t know.

I was furious at school and a few other places where they are doing screening, it gives this flu more credibility as a serious threat. I have seen countless people attacking Chinese people for eating dogs, cats and bats, based on a few people on youtube eating them.  I know this goes on, but it doesn’t represent the whole of China and I cant see a problem from that if everything is cooked.  I am disgusted by all these videos posting of dogs getting boiled alive, it’s got nothing to do with some flu,  but it adds to the anger that people are showing towards China.

Some local business owners in my town that rely on Chinese have almost no customers,  they are doing a clean up to show the rest of the world that it’s clean, there are business owners banning Chinese, there are people avoiding Chinese in shopping centres.  I have never seen such uncalled for panic.  Whilst it might be a good idea to stop traffic out of China to triple check the flu strain,  every media should explain how safe it is and its only as much of a threat as the common flu.

Looking on the bright side, it has exposed a lot of people that are either paranoid, plugged into the grid or aren’t able to do their own research. I realise that I will upset people writing that, but I am so frustrated with false news.

One guy keeps sending me videos of a town in china empty,  that’s because the government is forced to react to everyone including the world panicking.   Which means it gives the problem more credibility and creates real problems.  A friend of a friend has a wife trapped in her village, no fresh food supply or bottles of water…. this is the danger of panic!

I remember in the UK many years ago when we had the fuel crisis, I was working at a petrol station and I saw the selfishness first hand, everyone bulk buying fuel and filling up created a problem all over the country, with many cars sitting full of fuel and that meant more panicking.

I am angry with people spreading rubbish, because it may not only trigger a (due) recession/stock market crash, but it could create wider panic and more aeroplanes being stopped.

I just wished everyone would get their facts right and move on.  It’s good to be prepared for a new plague but with the Chinese economy being a very integral part of the world, this hype and panic is going to affect us all.

There are conspiracies the USA is behind it, possibly wealthy people, possibly other people, maybe it’s an alien attack, I have given up trying to guess the next excuse. I don’t believe all of that, but I do believe there is a lot of agendas and it doesn’t hurt to get a few digs in while China is lying on the floor.

I am hoping this nonsense is over pretty soon,   but for the rest of the world that didn’t wear masks or panic,  well done for not adding to this expensive stupidity. I am hoping no one dies from panicking and parents putting bottles on childrens heads.

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