10 traits to look for in people to develop into leaders

  1. Responder vs Initiator

    Everyone can be a responder, most people listen to deadlines. We all respond to tasks given to us.  We need to look for initiators, someone coming back with ideas, strategies or going beyond there task. Set people some tasks and see if they over-deliver?  watch to see if they deal with problems without prompt.

  1. Energy 1. Aura (look at the people they hang out with, are they hanging out above them or below them,  maybe they have an identity issue, the ora should go upwards, what sort of people do they attract? Do people like them? Who do they repel? 2. stamina/endurance.  We need people that can do longer hours when needed, people that aren’t tired or have limited mindsets. I like people that can work around the clock if needed.

  2. Language – negative comments? Insecurities? Fears?  We need self-confidence, self-esteem and positivity. Are they a leader or a victim?

  3. A Parent that believes in them – One parent/person that believes in you and one parent/person that you need to prove wrong is the perfect combination.  There is always a teacher, an EX or a relative that we need to prove wrong.

    If neither parents believe in you, then it’s very tough for people to have the confidence to try.

  4. Attitude – believing things are possible,  few or no limiting beliefs is better, thinking outside the box,  why can’t we?

  5. Curiosity – We need people that are curious, ask questions, want to know more about everything.  We need people that are asking lots of questions,  question time is the time to be greedy for answers. We need people that will do research without asking them to.

    Everyone is one question away from changing their life.

  6. Upbringing – what were they like at school? what were their favourite lessons? how did they respond to teachers? what did they enjoy at school? how were they working in teams? how did they take on challenges?

  7. Being able to take criticism – if you are developing someone to be a leader or into an elite position, they need to grow very quickly.  Feedback needs to be accepted and acted upon to grow quickly.

  8. Taking direction – potential leaders need to be coachable, if they question everything, it slows down the process.  I try to mentor a few people and they don’t listen many times but they learn eventually,   a proven mentor will speed up the coaching process.

  9. Character – keeping their word,  treating people good, honesty, integrity and being genuine when they are helping people.