Reasons To Have a Journal/checklist

high performance journal
  1. How to set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals, but I personally focus on getting my daily habits right and I have a queue of other jobs.
  2. Reducing your decisions by having a queue of jobs
  3. Track your performance, track your growth, give yourself grades in all areas, note what needs improving, success, wealth and education is all achieved by compounding.
  4. Add health, education, fitness and family progress to your journal and daily checklist.
  5. Add a reward system, it can be points-based, this will force you to reward yourself and make you work harder.
  6. Add exceptions into your journal, this means if you hit a milestone, you can have a break and do some family stuff or treat yourself some other way, for me that would be a day of catching up on several courses.

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journaling to wealth and success