How to Deal with Haters? Please share this with haters to help fix them


Hater Definition – someone that attacks, abuses you or your business unconstructively, irrationally, persistently, doesn’t add any balance, has a vendetta, often posts lies. I am not talking about customers that complain, get a little salty or giving strong feedback.

First, you need to understand haters,  someone said to me once that he had never met a rich hater and I looked at all the haters around and they were all losers, why are they losers?  because they are negative all the time, they focus a lot of time criticising other people, they are carrying hatred which is like sipping poison daily. They find comfort attacking other people, they often disguise it as humour when questioned or just say they are being honest,  a true friend would criticise you constructively and privately, not on public forums or comment sections.  You can either build the biggest tower around or knock down the bigger ones,  the latter is their mentality which is loser territory.

Why are haters not the sharpest tools in the box?

How can you criticise people or hate people by judging them from a small snippet of what you have access to, yes the content creator may have missed some things, but judging people is tough without having a full snapshot of what is going on,  for instance, you may feel angry at someone’s behaviour but you don’t know what had led up to it.  Not everyone thinks rationally all day, you can hate racist people but look at their parents and you will start to understand, it’s true they need to take action and sort it out, but not everyone has self-awareness and the ability to change.  Smart people reserve judgement until later or they ask questions or just keep quiet.

Its a true reflection of how they feel about themselves!

If people hate the world and people around them, they are likely to hate themselves,  if they are attacking people for the way they look, then maybe they are insecure because the other person is more successful than them in other areas, so they start looking at areas they cannot control or fix.

Haters sacrifice their time for you!

Haters are there to motivate the masters that they follow, admire and are envious of, they would never admit this, but deep down the resentment comes from jealousy, I have seen many people attack someone that they want to be. They are spending their time adding comments, view, clicks and reach to your content, even sharing it and attacking it,  they are working for you for free. All the haters that I have known are broke because they are online all day talking to people, hating on people in groups and being a pain in the ass, successful people are too busy with having a real-life and real problems, not looking for problems online and picking on easy targets.

They are there to motivate you

Every time a hater attacks you, that is a signal for you to add more content, respond to more good followers, you need to have a process set up, any negative comment that slightly upsets you or pisses you off, you need a plan of action to expand and grow.  When I started my first forum, every time the competition attacked, I didn’t respond, I posted more content, increased sign-ups,  the more attacks I got, the bigger I grew, that’s why they are here for you. I have literally picked up the phone and brought more businesses when haters were on the rampage insisting that I am set up for failure.

They only need attention like the rest of us

We all want love and attention in some way, we all want to make a mark on the world, everyone is different, some of us want attention off a few friends, some of us want a wide reach, some of us want to save the planet, some of us want a huge online following, some want to be famous, some just want enough attention to make money,  but if you are a loser with no money and you have spent lots of time attacking people online, then the chances are you haven’t learnt much and you don’t do well socially. So the only attention they can get is living on the back of other peoples attention and for these haters they feel that bad attention is enough to satisfy themselves, they have justified themselves in their minds already that they are doing a good service by calling someone out, but in reality they aren’t making any difference, they are forgotten in moments,  so they often try to persist in hate comments in the hope of being remembered.

haters mindset

But just remember, if your a hater and your only followers are a couple of haters of someone you attack, you are never going to overtake them,  you are always going to need your master to grow bigger, so you can feed off the increasing small pool of haters.  Then your toxic followers will congratulate your behaviour and encourage you down the wrong path,  then your life will become more toxic, I have seen many groups of losers forge and manifest themselves this way and they all end up doing very badly in life… but they don’t have the wisdom or knowledge to understand this, because they are too busy hating all day….

How to deal with real haters in real life?

When people slag you off constantly, it’s better to keep talking good about the hater to everyone you see, this makes them look very bad and makes it very difficult to keep attacking you.  People look very bad talking so low about someone that talks so good about them, but it means putting your ego aside which most people cannot do. Compliment your real-life hater all day and see what happens, break the cycle yourself.

I wrote this post because I hate seeing content creators bounded by haters and scared to post,  they should be embraced, understood and appreciated for the time they dedicate for you.  There will always be haters around because the cycle is rarely broken and it’s contagious to their offspring and friends. I am also hoping that I can change a few haters minds on life and add some value to peoples lives. (I would love it if guys would post a link to this article to change haters mindsets)