Getting 1% Better Per Day Is A Task That Anyone Can Do


By comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, you can be better than you were yesterday, you can improve, meditate and think about what you aren’t doing optimally. You can get up earlier,  help people around you, do extra deep work daily..

You can win the game if you try and beat yourself daily, comparing yourself to others isn’t fair because you don’t have the full picture of what everyone else is doing, some wealthy guys might be neglecting family or their health, everything has a price.

Focusing on big goals overwhelms us into inaction

success is daily habits

You know what your advantages and disadvantages are, the progressive improvement is compounding,  quite often it’s our momentum that is important and not our position,  if we are always improving ourselves we will be ok, it doesn’t matter where we are coming from, but we are heading to become a better version of ourselves.

We can start anywhere and any day, we can improve continually,  daily improvement is accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if we are disadvantaged.

We cannot compare ourselves to other people, we have different families, personalities, experiences, so it’s better to look at our past and improve on that.

Compounding is one of my favourite forces of nature, as we improve, our status improves, money flows to status,  our education compounds and we become more effective at hitting our goals and efficient at solving problems…   just tapping away on a daily basis will bring us towards our goals.

Self-improvement is not a destination! Be patient with yourself and stop expecting radical personal change quickly!

Most creative people fail at creating and monetising it,  its not easy to market your creation,  so what most people do is keep creating and failing until it wins, even good ideas are launched with the wrong timing or marketing, so persistence is key and the baseline is failure, its very tough to go from 0 to 1 but easier to go from 1-2.  Practising daily at failing makes us become better at what we are trying to achieve, success is a daily habit.

What ideas can you start with?

  • read one page per day
  • one push up per day
  • one minute meditation per day
  • one task per day
  • cutting out something bad per day