Characteristics of High-performance People


I haven’t met many people that I would class as high-performance people but its very hard to spot them,Ā  if I meet someone that doesn’t respect their time and is sitting in a bar, watching mindless stuff on TV, it doesn’t mean they aren’t successful, but I wouldn’t class them as high-performance.

High-performance people are like high-performance cars, they need to have strong parts, strong engine, kept in good condition and worked to their full potential.

For this, they need to or tend to be

  1. Eat healthily
  2. Prioritise tasks towards their goals
  3. Give up social media
  4. Keeping Fit
  5. Squeezing in appointments in a tight schedule – I can’t do this šŸ™
  6. Becoming accountable
  7. Taking action more than talking
  8. Laser beam focus
  9. Introvert
  10. Read a lot or consume a lot of education daily
  11. They move house for the best situations, travel for meetings
  12. Journaling, checklists
  13. Not complaining,Ā  it has no value
  14. Be passionate
  15. Practise a lot
  16. Have High standards
  17. High Goals
  18. Practise gratitude daily
  19. They stick at it and fight for it
  20. They are adaptive
  21. They have mastered prolific quality output
  22. They develop influence
  23. They demonstrate courage
  24. They generate energy
  25. They seek clarity
  26. They raise necessity – this is a big one for me, creates urgency
  27. Obsession with understanding and mastering a topic
  28. They feel obliged
I highly recommend this book by Brendon Burchard