13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

  1. Mentally strong people don’t feel that the world owes them anything – “I’m a good person, this isn’t fair”  or “I have worked so hard, I don’t deserve this”  When we were young, if we worked hard, our parents and teachers would make sure we got what we deserved, if things were unfair,  our parents would make sure it was fair, when we are older, we believe a higher power would make sure things were right if we were good people or worked hard.

    Mentally strong people remind themselves about how lucky they are and how they can do good deeds for other people

  2. Mentally strong people don’t dwell on the things they cannot control. If the market crashes they don’t dwell on it, but they focus on the skills and qualities that they do have.  Some people write down their fears and what they cannot control and burn them.  You can’t control the past, the future or people, you can only control how you respond.

    They don’t make the same mistake over and over,  they do not just jump back on their horse, they stop think, plan and try again without doing the same mistake again.   There are very few good role models around, many people make the same mistakes, lie to cover up because they fear looking weak.  But mentally strong people study and own their mistakes. See yourself as the 3rd person to identify your own mistakes.

  3. Create a “why” list, read it in the mornings with your affirmations. It will prevent you from repeating old patterns.  i.e create a list of reasons you should exercise daily and if you are tempted to have a day off, read the list.

1. Stop feeling the world owes you
2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself
3. Stop resenting other people’s success
4. Stop Wasting energy on things you can’t control
5. Stop dwelling on the past
6. Stop Letting peoples opinion dictate your life
7. Stop worrying about pleasing everyone
8. Stop making the same mistakes over and over
9. Stop shying away from change
10. Stop fearing calculated risks
11. Stop expecting immediate results
12. Stop giving up after the first failure
13. Stop fearing alone time