12 Tips on growing as a person

  1. Learn to change your mind – successful people tend to change their minds, even when new data hasn’t arrived, we are always analysing stuff.  It really bothers me how many people make their minds up and are fixed regardless how much data has been added. I have seen many business ideas fail because some people working on it are convinced it won’t work.
  2. Challenge yourself, could be just learning a new language or instrument, it doesn’t even have to be income/business related, it gets you out of your comfort zone. You will keep growing as you reach higher.
  3. Balance life and cycle consistently between all your duties, sometimes we let our family life or work suffer, but its important to make up for it.
  4. Look for daily or weekly improvements, people do not realise you can build a very big wall without people noticing if you do it brick by brick, it takes less effort and its easier to win the race aiming long term. The Chinese landlords are winning battles generations ahead.
  5. Plan for different scenarios, plan for the worst,  be reactive, be prepared.  Learning things upfront and putting the right people on standby is important.
  6. Keep fit, it helps your mindset happy, disapline and motivates those around you.
  7. Study psychology,  it helps with your own matters, business and helping those around you.
  8. Learn to turn off your distractions,  it could be a quiet room with a separate work laptop, or it could be a program i use “focus me” which turns off social media for set hours or limits it
  9. Sort out your thoughts, decisions, your next moves, I find driving alone forces me to thing and get some clarity.
  10. Join udemy and learn some courses regularly, listen to books on audible,  you need driving time or treadmill time to do this consistently.
  11. Question yourself, your mindset, your mistakes, your future plans, your alternatives. How much have you changed in the last 12 months?
  12. Think about the people you hang around with, what they talk about, the language they use, the posts they make, some of these people are toxic, some are just damaging, some are just not dragging you up.  We need people around us to make us try harder, not inspire us to be lazy!