7 habits to help you improve everything in your life

  1. If you are living off a strict structure or routine you must have allotted time or days where you don’t be disciplined.   I have made strict checklists, daily tasks and goals and I found myself fed up and annoyed with myself that I am making progress but it’s pointless if I am not having some fun,  its like controlling money.  You should always have time that you should assign to a certain hobby or something you find relaxing.
  2. Journal Constantly – journal the good times, the bad times and when you are going through a process, this helps you remember and learn at the same time.  I have said I would never do something ever again, but I forgot how bad it was and I did it again! It’s good to remember how you did things, sometimes when we are trying to achieve a goal, it takes us some serious work and a certain method, its good to go back to that to read, then save time.  It’s also useful if you want to write a book later about yourself.
  3. Detox from distractions for a few hours or days at a time.  It’s the only way I am able to learn Thai language,  its the only way I can write about something deep.
  4. Use a calendar on the wall where you can see your daily tasks achieved and colour in the days that you were successful. You can do a points system like I tried or simply X each day you have achieved your goals.
  5. Watch book summaries for reminders and youtube videos from some of your favourite creators. I am watching motivation videos, self-development videos to remind myself to keep working hard and keep good work ethics. 
  6. Surround yourself with motivated, hard-working people, they will drag you to the right meetings, inspire you to work, make your lift your goals higher and encourage you to join them. I see many guys hanging around with people doing nothing with their lives and they end up doing nothing and going broke.
  7. Set goals that you can track progress with them, this could be tests, getting people to ask you questions, it could be measured financially or it could be xx pages per week towards a book. I need to do this to get my book finished.