The Four Areas That Motivate Us and 20 reasons why

great things never came from comfort zones

What drives us, your team, family or staff?

I recommend you do some research on “Your Why” Simon Sinek has a book called “Find Your Why”  The evolution of our why – survival, freedom, status, purpose

Simon Sinek has plenty of interviews on youtube, here is one that explains his message

The Four Areas That Drive People – and 21 reasons why people are so driven 

The idea in this post is we can use this to find what drives us, our team members, staff, family or friends and build a list of what drives everyone.  Once we have a list we can start working around everyone’s needs.

You can start by choosing 4 of the top things that motivate you, maybe 1-2 from each area, or you ask your staff and you can use the information to motivate everyone.


1. Next promotion

2. Completing a task

3. Meeting a deadline

4. Bringing a team to a finish line (peer pressure)


5. Security

6. Recognition

7. Lifestyle


8. Opposition

9. Competition

10. Control

11. Power and fame

12. Proving others wrong

13. The need to avoid embarrassment

14. Mastery

15. Be the best and break records


16. Serving others

17. History

18. Change

19. Impact

20. Enlightenment

A list of 7 things that make people tick.

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Significance
  4. Love and connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution
  7. Fear