How to make affirmations that work?


1.  Start by compiling a list of everything you want

2. Next, convert your want list to a goal list

Your goals should be

  • Over the top
  • Unrealistic
  • Brave
  • Can’t accomplish in our lifetime
  • Unconventional

3. Convert your goal list to affirmations

4. Begin each affirmation with “I am” with present tense (words ending with ing) and with an emotive word.

5. Say each affirmation out twice a day, some people do it 5 times per day

6. If its a goal to increase your income or net worth by 3 m GBP per month, the affirmation would be “I am happily and easily increasing my net worth by 3 million or more per month”

The phrase “I am” sends a command to your subconscious so that your brain can work on this goal, even when you are fast asleep. 

The phrase “I am happily and easily” is telling your subconscious that you will not struggle to accomplish this.  You may want to add other emotive words that help describe as you should feel as you accomplish your increased amount of savings.  

The presence tense words increase the connection between you, what you are saying and the present moment. It adds to reality so your subconscious adds urgency to make this happen. 

The “or more”  is important because when you realise how easy it is to achieve your goals, you will want to raise the amount quickly and these two words would have already sent a message to your subconscious.

The best time to say your affirmations is when you wake up and before you go to bed, saying them at night commands your subconscious to say on them during your sleep, saying them in the morning you give your subconscious a report of what it was saying during your sleep.

You can listen or read them out while you are training.

You will increase focus and you will get amazing results to achieve all your goals.

This is the simplest format that works, there are many studies on it and many views, but this works and is enough, we don’t even need to know why it works, it wastes our time studying it.

The best athletes, gold medalists all do this, they visualise winning and achieving, they all speak like winners.