I’ve been so stupid – but this feeling should never go away


The compounding effect of learning hit me very hard around 2 years ago, I have been on a very fast learning curve, even though I felt I had already achieved so much.  Everything starts falling together, like a large jigsaw piece, its madness to talk about, so I am writing it here.

I have been surprised at the levels of stupidness that I had achieved in the past, some ignorance, some not knowing what you don’t know, I am often surprised how stupid I have been last week,  this happens most weeks. I am calling my behaviour stupid, but I think I am so smart that I overthink things and do a full circle to stupidity again… maybe that just means I am stupid with an ego? lol

How did it happen?

I downloaded Audible and downloaded over 700 books and went on a listening rampage, I am not done yet,  but I have slowed down and paused for achieving my goals and expanding business.

I wrote about how to educate yourself in self-development, mindset, productivity, and peak performance, without spending your gran’s inheritance or taking out bank loans.  https://bryanflowers.com/2019/10/23/how-to-read-so-many-books/


The result of the education curve and compounding is that I feel isolated when I am talking about many subjects in my field, it takes a while to get people up to speed, I am tired of explaining stuff to people, I want to help, but when people contact me with their issues, there is so much they need to learn, so I start firing books at them to read, I start sending them youtube links to get them up to speed.

I am so frustrated by some peoples issues because I can see them clearly, but I don’t have the time and people have no idea that I know the solutions.  (tonight a leader of a company was complaining about how bad his team was, I told him to take ownership and sent him a few links,  the blame  and excuses continued,  I moved on, free advice is worthless it seems)

Tom Bilyeu is great if you need to soak up lots of mindset 


I will continue to learn, feel stupid and embarrassed about my past decisions, but if this feeling stops, I am not growing enough…..

I have a fair few entrepreneur guys contacting me, complaining its lonely for them, with no one to turn to, to bring them up the ladder…   I turned to books and youtube a fair few years ago, I had no choice, but with all these books I am seeing insane education compounding..

I am going to start to write a list of books to wake people up or to take them to the next stage, but it’s very personalised depending on people’s stages in life or business..

What is one way of not being so “stupid”?  questioning everything, assuming there must be other ways, google alternatives,  you need to search for stuff that you don’t know about…  many times we don’t know what we don’t know, so we have to think out the box and realise many people have no idea either, so we have to ask around, dig deep,  tonight I was told by a business owner that he spoke to an expert in his field, well I can tell you that I am more qualifed to give an opinion than this acclaimed expert! and I wouldn’t come up with the answers he did!

Getting 1% Better Per Day Is A Task That Anyone Can Do