16% of people are disengaged from their jobs, how can they find a way out?


There are a few surveys out there that say that most people dislike their jobs, but when you look deeper its fair to say that around half of the people working (that were rich enough to do a survey – had a phone, internet access or computer) in USA (let’s assume the West is the same)  aren’t engaged at work and 16 per cent are actively disengaged. More info here

My guess is that this would mix up resentment in some people, anger, depression, hopelessness and the feeling to do more with their lives,  this is why I am doing my site to try and wake up these people, to let them know that it’s possible to work for yourself, how it’s possible and to get them on the self-development track.

A mindset is one of my most valuable assets, it only needs time and energy to make it, despite what people think, it doesn’t need investment.  All the course sellers with expensive courses say it’s a no brainer to invest in yourselves and the more you pay them, the better you should feel.

The truth is that almost everything you need is free/cheap, it doesn’t mean I won’t do a course one day because there is value putting everything together, it saves people a lot of time having a lot of content in the right place, right order and regular feedback/updates.

If you want more in life and you want to join us in the fast lane, then I highly recommend you read/listen to just these three books to start with

12.36 GBP http://www.themillionairefastlane.com/

Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within

Tony Robbins – Unlimited Power

There are literally 20-30 books that I recommend as essential reading, but this is a start to wake up and get on the right path! (some of the books I have read are listed on my website, but I don’t update it enough)

There is no excuse that you do not have time, to listen to a large amount of books, you can put the speed on 1.5x-2.0x and drive the long way to work, stop pointless phone calls, listen at the gym,  stop watching TV, listen while you are doing other jobs if you walk around with your headphones plugged into your phone all day, you find many opportunities, especially if you are travelling,  I would go find some queues or traffic jams if that’s what it takes!