10 things to remember to keep your brain wired right

  1. We spend all our time in the presence, that is where we live,  we should assume today or tomorrow is our last day.
  2. Finding good relationships is easier than you think, but always choose your friends, look for people opposed to letting them find you.
  3. We can make changes and make movements, just as much as everyone else can.
  4. Action is all that matters most the time, I see a lot of people talking theories, planning but I see them taking no action.
  5. Failure is the beginning, its essential to learn. Failing is the best lessons we can have.
  6. If you really want to do something, do it, plan it, because quite often things are available if you plan ahead, ask around.  You can get almost anything free for a short amount of time, if you work on it. Learn how to negotiate.
  7. Don’t follow others.  Program your brain that you are highly valuable to others and you can learn and take better action than anyone.
  8. Embrace negative things,  if you are stuck in a lift,  enjoy the moment!  We are often angry stuck in traffic or in queues, but life is what we make of it.
  9. Get used to getting rejected, ask more people, get more rejections, being used to it means you won’t hold back later.
  10. You are very very close to success,  it could be one move away,  three moves away,,,