10 Reasons Why Introverts Make The Best Entrepreneurs



  1. They are comfortable being alone, they have more time to learn and study. They are patient and calm

2. They lead from the back, so they allow other leaders to develop, they don’t need all the credit, so others can get it and grow

3. Other Egos Can Co-exist – they are comfortable with big personalities working around them

4. They are Great Listeners,  they are great at thinking and asking the right questions

5. They do very well with extroverts,  they do not want to be like them and they can let others take the limelight.

6. They are more logical and rational thinkers,  they have more time to think and learn.

7. They are not the centre of attention, so they see things that others do not, they watch body language, listen to everyone, evaluate, see through lies and see from the outside

8. Introverts are generally more trusted than extroverts because they come across smarter.

9. They are often overly prepared because they have more thinking time and time to prepare.

10. They are often more self-motivated