16 Reasons You Should Think Twice about Attacking Wealthy Business Types

Wealthy business people are often competitive, after gaining a lot of wealth it becomes about protecting wealth more than creating more wealth.  This is why I am always putting what I can into stocks and shares because I don’t want to go backwards, I know what I am doing and I have chosen to specialise in that area instead of property.  (although I do have property) When someone has a lot of wealth and therefore resources at their hands it is easy for them to do almost anything they want, I am not saying that they will get away with anything but they can at least try, but more likely to pay their way out.
  • They can get very good lawyers to attack people
  • They can afford private investigators to gather evidence, record them and send people to befriend people to get information
  • They can afford to pay people to make other people problems, whether its violence, grief, problems at work, problems with relationships, they can even rent houses nearby to be close to people, they can get peoples addresses
  • They can move to any country to sue someone with their local law
  • They can go after peoples jobs or businesses in legal ways, just as buying competitors, undercutting them, buying the business just to sack someone, they can force smaller business owners under them to change suppliers etc
  • They can get very good lawyers to defend themselves
  • They can use adverts, media to influence people
  • They can use all the information on people to intimidate them
  • They can pay for websites, fake reviews, fake comments to damage peoples reputation online
  • They can often pay powerful people to help them
  • They have access to many international resources, paying for postage/flights is very cheap for them and with such wealth from business, they often have deep contacts
  • They can afford to go on the dark web and buy things, knowing that some things may or may not come. New identities, false documents etc
  • They can afford to throw money at problems for a long time, honey traps, fake friends all the things that most people cannot afford to use the services off.  Paying someone full time to becomes someone’s friend isn’t cheap.
  • They can use dirty underhand techniques, using violence, house robbery, planting drugs, getting people bullied and set up
  • They hire security which makes it difficult to fight back
  • They can move home or react fast to any problems
A Guy That Used Many of The Tactics Above 
People with no wealth and little to lose are often happy to attack wealthy people online. However, they do not have any idea what people can be capable of, they have no idea what that wealthy person may have at stake, but one thing is for sure, if you are attacking a wealthy person, he’s protecting his assets and could have a lot to lose,  so he will go after any viable threat he has against him, but most likely it will be kept legal because he doesn’t want to lose his assets or position. I thought I would write this because I see all sorts of things online and it surprises me knowing what people are capable of.