5 Truths About Life and How We Waste Our Time


5 brutal truths about life and how we waste our time

  1. You cannot make everyone happy, there are lots of people that don’t want to be happy, they are comfortable being unhappy, they don’t want to give up their excuses, their stories, we should accept this and not waste our time.  We often lose ourselves pleasing others, let people hate, judge and continue on the path that they are hell-bent to stay on.  Misery and suffering has become a daily habit.

    They often judge themselves, unhappy with themselves, people will judge the way you look, speak, act, the way you dress, how popular you are and the fact that you are more successful.   It’s a losing battle to try and fight all that, so you should free yourself and own it and live your life and maximise your potential for the people that are looking to move forward with you.

    They are projecting their unhappiness and showing their insecurity by putting down other people that they feel are more significant than them. Often these people just need some love, compassion, sympathy, and support.

    All that matters is we have honesty, integrity and we can live with the rest of the criticisms.

  2.  You will never be perfect, a lot of us put ourselves under so much pressure trying to be perfect or the best we can.  We all have bad days, failures,  the sooner you can embrace this, the quicker you can move forward.  Taking some action is better than no action,  the effort really counts and what we learned from it. Providing we get up again and fight better, we can be empowered by our failures.

  3. Nothing external will ever make you happy, you can only get short time wins and happiness from buying ourselves nice cars or products. Happiness is found from within, you can see this by seeing people from all wealth backgrounds and different levels of happiness, we are always chasing happiness,  how many times do we say “when I get…. I will be happy”  Happiness is something that we should choose every day and hour.  You can be happy now by smiling, shoulders back, practice gratitude daily, see friends and family, help people around us.  We need to do daily rituals to practice gratitude and to be present in life.

  4. Your going to die, most people don’t want to talk about this, they want to avoid thinking about it, but its very motivating, we could die any moment,   but the reality is that we shouldn’t wait for opportunities to come,  we shouldn’t procrastinate,  we shouldn’t spend time worrying about what others think, we have limited time to get things done, time is a gift and its limited in supply. We should make the world better for everyone else on our way.

  5. Time is a depreciating asset,  every day that goes by, you are losing that opportunity of who you want to be.   We shouldn’t waste time doing things we don’t want to do. As soon as we admit we don’t like doing what we do, we can free ourselves and focus on what we really want to be doing.  You can start by looking through my other posts about finding your vision, creating your goals, creating your daily rituals and commit your life to mastery.

    I really am writing to help myself and others around me to rise together.