10 reasons why you should exercise to become more successful

  1.  Your mind becomes sharper if you don’t exercise you can still be lethargic in the morning, after exercise you have more ideas and energy

  2. You become a better problem solver from a sharper mind

  3. You have more energy to work, resolve issues, stay at work longer,  you need energy to discuss or try more issues

  4. Better sex, better wellbeing, happier during the day, coming to work like a rockstar, you can perform better and be less shy

  5. Less jealousy and envy because you will look and feel better about your body. You will be the one in better shape with a better diet

  6. Better memory – people like it when you remember, its good for negotiation, follow up, seeing customers, not repeating mistakes,  your memory will be sharper

  7. Less stress because exercise relieves stress. The higher your decisions the more stress that you get, you need relief from this constant stress.

  8. You sleep better, when you are physically tired from exercise, you are much more likely to sleep better, sleep deeper, your body needs recovery

  9. Longevity, you will last longer in your business, live longer, less sick, more hours working. Your value increases the longer you last.

  10. You become more attractive because you smile more, you are happier from exercising and from all of the points above.

  11. The discipline you get from exercise helps you with other habits and routines