5 Habits of High Performance (productive) people


1. Starting the day right

I always roll out of bed and go straight to exercise, (I’m back training Muay Thai) pressing the snooze button is a big no-no because it sets the tone of the day wrong if I do not follow a routine, my day falls apart. Many people swear making the bed sets the tone right for the day.

Some people choose meditation, yoga, reading, learning but I find exercise works best for me and gives me energy for the rest of the day.

My optimum time is around 5.30 or 6 am and I never considered myself a morning person, I changed that when I wanted to do better at everything.  There are plenty of late risers that do well though!

2.  Managing time

Giving yourself 1-2 hours per task, limiting your time for unproductive things and increasing your time for the most important goals. But allow time between meetings for the unexpected, I try to leave days free just in case I have a problem with my businesses.

3.  They are aware of procrastination and try to fight it

  • you can avoid this by breaking projects down into small daily tasks, break everything into smaller steps
  • list the things you should limit,  social media (my biggest problem) and TV for many others
  • Use journals/diaries and planners to help 

4.  They complete jobs

  • Hiring a personal assistant or a virtual assistant
  • Outsource
  • Delegate
  • set deadlines

5.  Work smarter

  • remember the Pareto rule
  • practise deep work sessions

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