7 Productivity Time Management Hacks

do something today that your future self will thank you for

How do we all have the same amount of time per day but some of us make a lot more money?  Because successful people master their usage of time.

We can use these following 7 tips with business, life, wellness, happiness and accumulation. 

How do you make the most out of time?   We script our weeks, we think long term.

How do we fill a glass with rocks, pebbles and sand?  We plan the larger tasks first in the day.  People start the day in a reactive mode by replying to social media/emails, when we should be doing our biggest mode important tasks first.

Tip 1.  We can script our day with a daily/weekly journal like the one I offer for free when you subscribe to my email list.  We can change our life and business immediately by planning ahead. I highly recommend bestself as a good journal.

What is the one thing that will x10 your business? This task should go first in the day, maybe you have a few businesses but can chunk the tasks together.

Tip 2. Highest priority can be the first few hours of the day,  then making money the next few hours.  Then your secondary business the next few hours,   then after that networking/messaging/social media.

To achieve greatness we need to practise it daily.

I printed this out today, so I can cross off each day as I achieve my biggest goal, I will try and fill it all up, I am planning to fill it all up. My goal will be related to creating content.

daily goals

what you do today is your future

Tip 3No idle time,  I use audible to listen to books as I drive around, going to the toilet, walking or waiting somewhere. I play audible at 1.55 speed comfortably.

Tip 4 –  To master any skill you need to put in 10,000 hours of deliberate practise. (written about in Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell)  This is argued against sometimes because it is for skills! Mix that practise with Deep Work and it will be very effective far faster.

I recommend you read Deepwork by Cal Newport  – focus on not wasting time, we get paid for results, not the most time we work.

Tip 5 – Chunk your time/batch your tasks if you are making 1 video a day, then do 2 videos at the same time, you can do this with postings, writing articles

Tip 6. – Go paperless so you don’t lose stuff and have multiple monitors so you can work far more efficiently.

Tip 7 – Say no to more things,  they waste so much time, I am always being asked to meet people and it wastes half my day.