26 Habits For Optimum Happiness

  1. Take ownership of things,  no excuses

  2. Speak highly of others

  3. Listen to people and understand those around you

  4. Make the most of things now,  the power of today!

  5. Exercise and practise good self-discipline

  6. Be kind and generous to others

  7. Eat good food

  8. Exercise

  9. Meditate

  10. Be as honest as you can at all time

  11. Have big dreams (and some hope)

  12. Learn and practise patience

  13. Smile and laugh often

  14. Love yourself

  15. Find forgiveness in people, or its like drinking poison

  16. Show gratitude

  17. Think positively, especially when loved ones cannot

  18. Believe in yourself and others

  19. Try to be as open-minded as possible

  20. Make sure your needs are met more than others

  21. Avoid social comparison

  22. Failure is an opportunity!

  23. Take opinions as constructive feedback

  24. Choose friends that are positive and help you rise

  25. Let go of things in the past that cannot be changed

  26. Try and get enough sleep everyday