10 Habits To Work Towards Success


Habits that many successful people have

  1.  Speak out loud affirmations daily, preferably twice a day,  many athletes do this and I have seen successful people do it in conversations unintentionally. You can make your affirmations following my step by step guide.

  2. Measure what you do and improve,  (what gets measured gets accomplished) we need to find ways to track our tasks or bigger goals are broken down into smaller goals.  You can set yourself performance points on some things that cannot be measured.

  3. Success leaves clues–  look for them in people and follow them. You can find successful people in your area on youtube and follow them.  There are tons of books out there, so you can model yourself by learning people’s mindsets and following them.

  4. Experience and visualise yourself doing luxury things,  go out there and look at nice cars and houses.  Live the high life once a month to see what it feels like.  I know many people that raise their standard of living and it makes them work even harder than before.  I love seeing my family in a safe new car.

  5. Do not follow conventional wisdom, conventional wisdom is wrong too often, thats why there are too many problems in the world,  with business you need to vote against conventional wisdom.

  6. Get out of your comfort zone –  its good to push your limits, it could be speaking publically,  bungy jumping, social events, pitching, cold calling and other things that we may struggle to do.

  7. Focus! – Focus on the few and not the many.  People spread themselves too thinly, you need to focus on a few things, they can be related but you need hard focus on each one at a time.  I see successful people becoming obsessed.

  8. Try not to care what people think – this skill comes slowly unless your some sort of sociopath. It’s very costly trying to keep everyone happy,  you have to care much less about all the abuse and attacks you will get.  With business and promotion, you will ruffle some feathers, especially if you are making money! I have lost many millions in lost profit by caring what people think,  it turns out no one really cares anyway!

  9. Spend more time with people higher up in where you want to be, learn from their mindset, work together, advise each other, share ideas, inspire each other and motivate each other.  (which comes naturally just being with people)

  10. Take action –  taking action over and over consistently beats procrastination any day.  Taking action and failing is the secret to success, this is where many intelligent people fail, they don’t want to fail. They will only take action when they feel the plan is perfect.