7 successful habits to be mindful about after leaving school

  1.  Nurture relationships with those around you, picking up relationships later is harder to get trust,  I always say grow with people or grow away from them.  I see many people ending relationships because they didn’t grow together.  I explained to my wife that its important she learns with me, so our mindset, experience and knowledge doesn’t become distance.

    Rise everyone around you and they help you rise! Share the experiences and support each other!

  2. Find yourself a mentor, which may mean work for free, but often short term losses mean long term gains. There are lots of people around that are high up, lonely and just want to share the journey with someone.

    But they are hard to find, you need someone with long term thinking also, some people may not give you the training/experience you need.

  3. Keep some hobbies, because you need to stay grounded, you need something that is regular and familiar in your life. I tend to cycle through hobbies, just like business,  sometimes I consider work is my hobby and sometimes they are,  but you need to have a few progressive hobbies to get that climb in both your career and hobby.  It will also give you a common interest with some other people unrelated to work or business.

  4. Find an exercise regime, a time, a place or a sport. I like to do muay thai in the mornings or jog, I prefer to do it when I first wake up, then its out of the way, nothing is left to chance then.

  5. Keep learning – reading, podcasts, youtube, we need to specialise, we need to constantly improve, I would say around 2-3 hours a day is what I am happy with, any less and I feel bad that I am not on the learning curve fast enough, its not easy having to go over things again every few years either.

  6. You are the average of your closest friends – Spend most of your time with people older than you, up the ladder further, all my friends have often been many years ahead, which advanced my mindset, it pulled me up, but I learn a lot and I seem much older than what I am.

    When your friends are doing big deals, listening to amazing business podcasts, learning about business, money, success, finance, it really rubs off, it teaches us, interests us, motivates us and gets us competing!

  7. Be mindful of stress, meditate, manage your time, write down your problems, prioritise your biggest jobs,  reducing stress and anxiety is a daily habit you need because you will kill yourself from stress or those around you will suffer.