The Best Tools For Guilt Free Procrastination


If you have goals that are scaring you, or you are scared at the changes that will happen in your life as you achieve them,  but you feel guilty if you aren’t working towards them because you owe it to your family and yourself.  Then I have listed some guilt-free ideas to push those goals ahead while you feel like you are working towards them.

Sadly I mastered this subject before I got to the stage where I am

  1. Seminars –  these feel great because you are learning from guys that seem to be the best? You will learn minimal amounts while you are given more tools to procrastinate in upsells,  if you keep paying, you can have more guilt-free reasons to push your goals further away. If you are lucky the seminars are in a different country, you can add on more days to push your work away, you will feel very good about travelling all those days to help to achieve your goals.

  2. Courses – downloading every course you can find on various subjects is a great way to push starting your goals into the future, providing you are learning, you don’t need to feel guilty, because you are on a path (a very long path to finish every course)  but at least your not watching series on Netflix.

  3. Read books – the best books are 15-21 hours long, make sure you listen to them at normal speed if you are on the audiobooks, in fact, you should read them only because you can’t get anything else done, which means you still have daily tasks to complete after you have finished.

  4. Family Outings –  Going out to every family outing/invite is definitely a guilt-free way of pushing your goals away, forget seeing them all less often with focused high-quality time, you can hang out for hours and watch TV knowing that you are a good family participant

  5. Making more plans – If your goals are getting too close, many you need to sit down and make better plans,  planning your goals again and again is a great way of working towards your goals but not doing them

  6. Productivity – Make sure you overkill learning about productivity, there is very few arguments that can prove you are not working towards your goals by finetuning your productivity, just in case you do run out of things to do on my list and time to work on the goals are getting near.

  7. Motivation – we need to master the art of motivation, learning about motivation is the best way to feel good because you need that motivation to watch more motivation and productivity videos and read more courses.

  8. Look for shiny objects from marketers, look out for promises of easy fixes to achieve your goals, there is no doubt this will relieve you from your guilt of not engaging in deep work towards your goals. And you will feel good with yourself about investing in yourself.

  9. Learn about Journals, checklists, in fact you can go on a guilt-free shopping spree here with journals while feeling like you are one step closer towards working on your projects.

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