The 5 Fears Holding You Back


Facing your fears and living more confidently means stepping out of your comfort zone and changing your long term mindset. 

1.  The Fear of Uncertainty

Fear is rooted in the unknown,  if we knew what was coming ahead, we wouldn’t procrastinate too much.

To overcome this,  do more research, speak to someone with more clarity, what are the scenarios that may happen and are they all workable?

Trying new things even if they don’t work out can help you find success,  there is alot of hidden risk by not doing anything!  Staying in bed all day is risky because you would have lost many opportunities that day or money from working.

2.  The Fear Of Change

We are creatures of habit, our routines offer us safetly, we already know the outcome and it reduces the risk we take daily, this is great for survival but not for growth. 

You need to put extra work in to make changes, to try new things and the results may be valuable to you or they may not.  The challenge is working out the risk,  sometimes the risk is only extra time and work.

To overcome the fear of change, you can break things down into smaller steps, just one step at a time slowly will get you there.

3. The Fear Of Rejection

Some people are so afraid of rejection, that it stops them from making any moves at all. 

If you have fear of rejection you can ask yourself if its something you are taking personally or you are worried about what someone thinks.  Being rejected shouldn’t be taken personally because there are so many other factors at play, maybe you can get used to rejection with smaller things, you can practice that in your life starting straight away.  You can start off with some outrageous stuff and you might be surprised at what people agree to.

4.  The Fear of Being Judged

Most people put too much weight on what others think, this is good for survival but just remember not everyone has your best interests at heart, also most of them don’t have the experience or the knowledge to judge properly and most people always lean too much towards safety.

Insecurity is what often leads to judgement, those that are ok with making mistakes are the ones that are aware that everyone makes them, especially successful people at business, these types of people have failed there way to success, its a tough path but its the only way.

Opinions only matter if you let it, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent,  most people are wrong when it comes down to specialised decisions.  When I wanted to buy many bars all my close ones warned me not to, because its easier to put people off and potentially save them.

5. The Fear of Failure

People are scared that others will see them as unsuccessful.  There are different ways to define success or failure, you can come up with your own metrics,  if you get 1 sale out of 100 and you have had 99 rejections, then you are 1 away from your goal, that is not a failure!

Losing all your money isn’t a failure if you learnt your lesson, especially if you know how to start and do things again differently!